Some handy tips to keep your internal wooden doors in good health!

Internal wooden doors

Most people do it out of necessity; some people take it as a hobby! But eventually, everyone has to take daily or timely measures to ensure good health of Internal wooden doors in their house. Despite being a partition between two rooms, internal wood doors offer some other benefits that left unappreciated. It can help you keep two separate temperatures point between two rooms. It can work as sound insulation, so noise heard in one room wouldn’t bother people in other room. All while completing the overall interiors of the house.

Complementing it might be, but internal wooden doors also need timely attention to make sure they stay durable for a long time. And with the following tips, you can keep internal doors in good shape and its shine intact. You might need to know more about the type of wooden door and the finish used on the door surface, to pick right cleaning and maintenance products.

Simple regime:

It is good that internal wooden doors don’t have to tolerate tough wear-and-tear conditions as the external door had to go through. Hence simple cleaning measures would do the trick to keep the gloss of the door surface intact. Cleaning methods will be somewhat similar are you clean your other wooden furniture!

  • You can wipe or use a handy duster to dust off the dirt collection on the surface.
  • You should just use a damp lint-free cloth to wipe it dry-clean.
  • Every modern say the internal wood door has a coat of wooden finish. Most common cleaning product would affect the coat, making the door look dull.
  • If you haven’t cleaned your internal wooden doors in a while, it would be advisable to buy suitable spray cleaners. The one that wouldn’t damage the gloss on the surface!
  • Never run a super wet cloth and what to look for! The water might get collected in the corners and crevasses. Such tight spots are hard to clean hence it is best to avoid it.Internal wooden doors

Some Timely measures:

Eventually, the layer of wood finish will fade off and you might need to re-do it again. There are many options you could find in the market which would revive the luscious finish of the surface.

  • It would also be advisable to install a door stopper if the door is located in the corner of the room. This can prevent it from slamming into the wall.
  • Much like door stoppers, you can also install some DIY hacks to absorb the impact. You can use door gripper, kick down door stoppers or swimming pool foam noodles, to prevent dents your door could get.
  • Over the course of time, the wood stain can also lose its color richness. And much like retouching wood finish, you can also re-do the staining process. But make sure you do it before you apply a fresh coat of wood finish.
  • Re-doing process can be a task for most people, especially if you never tried it before. You can also opt for a professional help to handle the maintenance of all Internal wooden doors in the house.

You have to make it a regime to keep the Internal wooden doors clean and avert the possibility of getting damaged. Because precaution is always better than paying bills on heavy maintenance in the future, isn’t it!


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