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Gold Rate Today In India: Gold prices in India fluctuated across cities on December 10, 2023, but the average cost for 10 grams hovered around Rs 62,000. Specifically, 10 grams of 24-carat gold commanded an average price of Rs 62,350, while 22-carat gold fetched Rs 57,150 for the same quantity. Meanwhile, silver maintained its upward trajectory, settling at Rs 76,000 per kilogram.

Gold rate today in India: Retail gold price on December 10

Delhi Gold Rate 

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In Delhi, people have to spend Rs 57,700 for 10 grams of 22-carat gold and Rs 62,930 for the same amount of 24-carat gold.

Mumbai Gold Rate 

In Mumbai, the current cost for 10 grams of 22-carat gold is Rs 57,300, and the same amount of 24-carat gold is priced at Rs 62,500.

Chennai Gold Rate 

In Chennai, the price for 10 grams of 22-carat gold is Rs 57,650, and for the same amount of 24-carat gold, it’s Rs 62,890.

Check gold rates today in different cities on December 10, 2023; (In Rs/10 grams)

City 22 Carat Gold Price 24 Carat Gold Price
Ahmedabad 57,200 62,400
Gurugram 57,300 62,500
Kolkata 57,150 62,350
Lucknow 57,300 62,500
Bengaluru 57,150 62,350
Jaipur 57,300 62,500
Patna 57,200 62,400
Bhubaneshwar 57,150 62,350
Hyderabad 57,150 62,350

Multi Commodity Exchange

On December 08, gold futures expiring on February 05, 2024, were trading at Rs 61,770 on the Multi Commodity Exchange. Silver futures expiring on March 05, 2024 were trading at Rs 72,539.

The retail price of gold is the amount it’s sold to customers in the country. This price is influenced by various factors, including the global gold price, the value of the Rupee, and the costs associated with labour and materials used in making gold jewellery.


Gold holds great significance in India due to its cultural importance, investment value, and longstanding role in weddings and festivals.

Here are several factors that can exert influence on the price of gold:

Supply and Demand: The price of gold mainly depends on how much people want it and how much is available. If more people want gold, the price usually goes up. But if there’s too much gold available, the price can go down.

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  • Global Economic Conditions: The overall global economy also has a big impact on gold prices. When the world economy is not doing well or there’s a recession, investors often choose gold as a safe option, causing its price to go up.

    Political Instability: Political troubles can also affect gold prices. When there’s uncertainty or a crisis in an important country or region, investors might choose to protect their money by investing in gold. This increased demand can make the price of gold go up.

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    first published: December 10, 2023, 10:40 IST

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