”If Balenciaga Can…”: Woman Turns Parle-G Wrapper Into A Sling Bag, Internet Impressed


''If Balenciaga Can...'': Woman Turns Parle-G Wrapper Into A Sling Bag, Internet Impressed

She mentioned that she took her inspiration from luxury brand Balenciaga’s Lay’s bag.

Do It Yourself (DIY) fashion hacks are in trend these days, and an excellent step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Apart from reducing your environmental impact, DIY sustainable fashion is also a fun way to express your creativity. One such content creator leading the way is Shweta Mahadik, who often goes viral for her outstanding and innovative DIY creations. Recently, Ms Mahadik turned a Parle-G biscuit wrapper into a chic sling bag, leaving the internet impressed. 

She shared a video of the entire process on Instagram and mentioned that she took inspiration from luxury brand Balenciaga’s Lay’s bag. The video starts to show her cutting an empty packet of Parle-G. She then places the wrapper between two transparent plastic sheets and secures them with a black thread on a sewing machine. Further, she attaches a red-coloured cloth and a chain to the bag’s border. After her bag is ready, she poses with it, showcasing her creativity. 

”I love quirky stuff!” reads the caption written alongside the video shared on Instagram. 

‘Eat the biscuit and create quirky fashion,” reads the text inserted in the video. 

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral with over 83,000 likes and 2.2 million likes, leaving people in awe of her creation. One user said, ”Now the people of Parl G will put your photo instead of that girl, what you have done.”

Another commented, ”Just No Words… you are a DIY Goddess.”

A third said, ”No words to describe you and ur skills. Plz have a meet-and-greet. M sure all your followers want to see u in person. U seem to be supernatural.”

A fourth added, ”Love it! Such a cool idea of recycling.” Another said, ”You are a magician. Keep creating and surprising us. Wonderful. Talented you.”

Ms Mahadik, who has 845k followers on Instagram, regularly posts videos of such cool and trendy DIY creations, which also showcases her commitment to upcycling. Her bio reads, ”Call me DIY CHACHI.” 

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