Instagram launches its marketplace to connect brands and creators in 8 new countries


Instagram today said it is expanding its Marketplace tool to connect brands with creators for paid partnerships or ads in eight new countries. The new markets that will get access to this market include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Japan, India and Brazil.

The company first started testing this platform in the US in 2022. It says it has since added “thousands” of creators and brands. Last year, the social media company added API features for creator outreach and structuring briefs; and invited agencies to use the platform.

Meta said that in addition to providing a platform for brands in these eight countries, it will also invite Chinese esports brands to connect with creators outside China.

The company said that over the next few weeks, it will invite both brands and creators to join the marketplace in these eight new regions. Marketers can approach creators for paid partnerships or partnership advertising, which allows advertisers to promote organic content in the form of ads.

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Once creators join the platform through the professional dashboard in the Instagram app, they can highlight their content, and list brands and interests that will be relevant to them.

In the marketplace, Meta helps match brands with relevant creators for a particular marketing campaign through its machine learning algorithms. Companies can also manually search for creators and apply filters and ad experiences to creator and audience categories to refine results.

Creators will see all requests and conversations with brands launched through the Marketplace in a new folder called “Partnership Messages” on Instagram. They can also review marketing campaign details within the app.

Instagram Inbox for paid partnerships

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Instagram’s rivals like Snap, YouTube, and TikTok all offer Creator Marketplace functionality. Additionally, some startups are trying to solve the problem of connecting brands with creators. Excel-enabled Catch+Release is helping brands better discover licensable content. Agentio, which has raised $4.25 million in seed investment funding co-led by Craft Ventures and Alicorp, has created a platform to streamline the process for YouTubers to sell ad slots in their videos. Breaker, which has investors Marc Benioff, A16Z/TXO, former TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer and RGA Ventures, connects record labels and artists with influencers to run promotional campaigns.

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