OpenAI’s app store for GPTs to launch next week


OpenAI plans to launch GPT, a store for custom apps based on its text-generating AI models, sometime in the coming week.

In an email seen by TechCrunch, OpenAI said that developers creating GPTs will need to review the company’s updated usage policies and GPT brand guidelines to ensure their content is compatible with the store before they are eligible for listing in the GPT store. Are GPT Compliant. They must also verify their builder profile and ensure that their GPTs are published as “Public”.

The GPT Store was announced last year during OpenAI’s first annual developer conference, DevDay, but was delayed to December – almost certainly due to the leadership change that occurred in November, just after the initial announcement.

Since shortly after DevDay, developers have been able to create and share GPTs directly with others but have not been able to list them publicly.

It is still unclear whether the GPT store will launch with a revenue-sharing plan or not. By November, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and CTO Mira Muratti told my colleague Devin Koldewey that there were no concrete plans, and emails about the store’s upcoming launch made no mention of what developers would expect on the payment front. Can hope – if anything.

A spokesperson for OpenAI told TechCrunch that more details will be revealed next week.

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