Thank God there’s a startup tackling bedbugs


Well, there may be insects, insect. They can cause serious damage inside homes and buildings, and can also wreak havoc on crops and plants outside. The amount of chaos and disaster these little guys can cause is directly tied to one factor: how many of them there are.

Most people don’t realize they have a bug problem until there are enough of them to cause noticeable damage to homes, furniture, or wildlife. And by the time they do, the problem may have become a bit cumbersome.

Spotta hopes to prevent exactly this kind of situation. Using sensors, the startup’s small devices work to detect certain bugs first so people can get rid of pests before they cause infestations.

“This is an area that hasn’t seen any innovation in decades,” Robert Fryers, the company’s co-founder and CEO, told TechCrunch+. “Nothing has changed. People are looking at plastic buckets and sticky paper and certainly technology can help with that. Catch it early before you need a lot of chemicals.”

Fryers explained that Spota’s tiny devices attract bugs inside, identify them, and send images of the bugs to their users. To be able to scale up this type of product, it is important for the devices to be small, inexpensive and require very little maintenance, he said.

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